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5 Embarrassing Sex Stories and How To Handle Them

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Embarrassing Sex Stories

We've all been there.  You're in the heat of passion and lust and something awful happens.  Naked bodies are clumsy and often out of control and this can lead to embarrassing moments that we would all probably rather forget about.  Mrs. Cheeky and I were talking recently about how her teenage daughter walked in on us.  She also opened a package that had a printed picture of one of our Instagram posts!

Things happen when we involve nudity, alcohol and sexual arousal.  We thought it would be fun to see what horrifying stories our Instagram followers had!  Here are a few!

Our Instagram Followers Chime In!

"She walked in on me naked in bed masturbating to porn!"


andydmano69 had the very familiar experience of having his partner walk in while he was getting off to porn.  I'm sure many of you have had a similar experience just like this.  The degree of horror depends on how actually caught you.  Is it worse to be caught by your mother or your girlfriend?  The important thing is that this should become a conversation topic.  It is so important to talk about what turns you on.

"Video chatting with my girl and I walked nude out of my shower.  Her mom walks into her room and sees everything but doesn't leave!"


Cougar mom!

clayton_6.7 was doing what many long distance couples do; videochat.  This time, however, he was getting out of his shower nude and his girlfriend's mom walks in, apparently liking what she sees, decides to hang out and watch.  Clayton wasn't clear how his girlfriend reacted, but there isn't much you can do but cover up and ask your girlfriend to lock her door!  In future blogs, we'll tackle fetishes like mother/daughter!

"Getting caught using my wife's vibrator while I got myself off"

Sharing sex toys can be fun!

Have any of you guys ever tried your partner's shampoo?  Well, rustic_rob was curious how his girlfriend gets off and went to town with her vibrator and got caught!  I think there are worse things to be caught doing, such as her sister or your secretary, but I understand how embarrassing this would be.  Mrs. Cheeky and I are big proponents of sharing sex toys and I hope Clayton was able to turn this experience into a good reason to talk about their fantasies.

"We got caught taking nude pictures by my wife's sister!"

Nude Photography Goes Bad!

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we love to take nude pictures of each other for our and your enjoyment!  vgf_ was with his partner at her house and wanted to take some sexy pictures.  The problem is her underage sister was also home and had the horrifying discovery of seeing her nude sister!  I guess I'm lucky that Mrs. Cheeky invited her sister to take pictures with us, but in this case his partner's sister was underage and it was a shock.  We have been caught a few times, so we know the feeling, but those people weren't family.  It's a good idea to find more private places!



What To Do If It Happens To You
  1. Laugh!  Laugh some more.  Sex is supposed to be fun and care free.  We feel that it should be exactly like we see in the movies which creates alot of pressure.  We love to laugh and being able to not take things so seriously makes these inevitable embarrassing situations much easier to handle.
  2. Ignore it, but talk later.  In the heat of the moment, sometimes it is best to just ignore what happened.  Sometimes, it's tough to get an erection.  Sometimes someone may fart.  In those situations, let it go and redirect to the fun parts about sex.  If the situation is serious like it was for some of our Instgram friends, then take time later to talk with your partner.
  3. Practice Common Sense.  Getting caught doing something embarrassing is part of life. Learning from it is also part of life.  Lock your doors.  🙂
  4. Don't Take It Personally.  It's easy to take things personally.  If I'm having an off night, the last thing I want is for Mrs. Cheeky to think she's doing something wrong.  I try to take my own advice and understand that sometimes these things happen, but it's not a reflection of our relationship.
  5. Laugh!  When all else fails, laugh.  I'm sure Netflix has something funny you can watch.
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