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5 Reasons You Should Take Your Wife or Girlfriend To a Strip Club

take your partner to a strip club
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5 Reasons You Should Take Your Wife Or Girlfriend To A Strip Club
Women Don't Really Hate Strip Clubs

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Wife or Girlfriend To a Strip Club
Your partner wants to go to a strip club

I'm guessing that you had one of two thoughts when you read the title of this blog.  You either thought "There is no way my partner would ever go to a strip club" or "Why would I want my partner to go with me to a strip club?!"

I'm going to tackle the second comment first.  I get it.  Guys like to look at naked women.  There's a biological drive to spread your seed and in our modern world, gentlemen's clubs are a convenient way to get eye candy without the messy divorces, assuming you follow the rules.

Many men think that this means going alone or with their buddies.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you guys are missing out on an amazing chance to at least partially fulfill fantasy and maybe even get closer to your partner.

For those of you that think your partner would never entertain the idea of going to a strip club, I think you'll be surprised.  Times have changed and gentlemen's clubs are less taboo as they once were.  Women are taking more control of their sexuality and they are less likely to shy away from sexual pleasure.

Find a Fun Place

We just got back from a trip to the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in our home state of Minnesota and we couldn't resist a trip to a local downtown strip club.  This time we checked out Spearmint Rhino!  Spearmint Rhino was within walking distance from our hotel and that night seemed to be busy so we went in.

The place was smaller than we expected, but it was clean and the dancers seemed plentiful.  Mr. Cheeky found a table and I went to get us drinks.  I made the huge mistake at smiling at a guy that was placing his order!  A woman approached me, thinking I was a prostitute (skinny girl wearing next to nothing, I guess?) and was concerned I was encroaching on her turf.  We quickly cleared that up and she decided to join us at our table.

We learned that she was a medical device sales professional, who's husband thought she was traveling to a conference!  She would travel across the country from time to time to make extra money and she happened to be there that night.  Imagine if I was home by myself and missed that encounter?

What's In It For You?

No Work

Foreplay can sometimes seem like work, right?  The mere thought of seeing nude bodies is a turn on for me and I'm sure for you.  I love thinking about Mr. Cheeky getting turned on and what that means for when we get home.

Control the 'Hard' Sell

You and your buddies sit down at your local strip club, the server comes over and takes your drink order.  What nearly always happens next?  Sure,

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Wife or Girlfriend To a Strip Club
Strippers are athletes!

the stage dancers rotate in and out, you survey the 'talent' and watch as people get .... lap dances.  Arguably the worst part of the strip club experience is the constant barrage of hard sell tactics trying to get you to spend money.

I'm all for grinding for dollars, but let's face it.  Not every person that approaches you is your type, right?  When I go with Mr. Cheeky, nearly all the women target the single guys, but when they do approach us, they talk to me.  That's a huge turn on as that puts me in control.

It's Safe

Threesome fantasies are amazing and worth it in many cases, but going to a strip club with your partner creates many of the same "tag team" experience without the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.  That has the positive affect on many women where they are able to let loose without the fear of health risk.

I also like the idea that Mr. Cheeky is getting turned on and I am there to experience this WITH him, vs not.  I think that should be obvious, right?


This may be a little taboo, but controlling the power in the relationship with the dancer is a turn on to me. When we pay for a dance, there is an element subconsciously or conscientiously that of all the beautiful naked women in the room, this person is there solely for our sexual pleasure.  The truth is the dancer ultimately controls the environment through what is allowed, but this element of ownership is hot!

Threesome of Foreplay

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Wife or Girlfriend To a Strip Club
Women want to go to strip clubs

There are very few men (and many women) that don't rank "threesome" toward the top of their fantasy list.  Threesomes can be super fun, but come with risk.  Jealousy, sexual transmitted diseases and logistics in finding partners all create problems in making a threesome happen.

When you go to a strip club and engage a dancer, your brain can be tricked into not knowing the difference between this safe encounter or one with more risk.  At the very least, it allows you as a couple to take this step to see if something more is in the cards in the future.

It's Supposed to Be Fun

I hope you guys are starting to see a pattern in our posts.  Our sex lives are supposed to be fun!  We women, especially, need to stop overthinking sometimes and enjoy the moment.  Your homework tonight is have an open fantasy conversation with your partner and see where it goes!

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