How Celebrations Can Make Your Sex Life Hot!

celebrations help sex

Celebrations Improve Relationships Celebrating something, whether that is an anniversary or something small, is a great way to provide a chance to get much needed time together without the chaos of life.  We have 4 kids (2 each from previous...

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Halloween Role Play to Add Sizzle To Your Sex Life

Sexy Halloween Role play

Halloween costumes aren't just for kids.  Follow these 5 tips and use Halloween role play to spice up the bedroom! According to the History Channel, Halloween was the Celtic celebration of the last day of their summer and harvest before...

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5 Embarrassing Sex Stories and How To Handle Them

View this post on Instagram #fridayfunny Instagram SAFE! #getyourassintonature this weekend! 🚴🌲@cheekyventurestoo A post shared by Cheeky Ventures (@cheekyventures) on Aug 25, 2017 at 6:18am PDT Embarrassing Sex Stories We've all been there.  You're in the heat of passion and...

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Questions (and answers) for a nude Instagram model

Nude Silver Bay

Questions For a Nude Instagram Model I want to thank everyone that submitted questions yesterday!  I think we got well over 50.  Some of them were very interested, some inappropriate (but who am I to judge) and some were well...

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Are You Jealous?

Nude Labadee

Many people wonder if I ever get jealous of people looking at, commenting and sometimes coming onto my wife.  Our lives are privately different since we created our Instagram page @cheekyventures last summer.  On any given day she may get dozens...

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Best Sex Advice

One Piece of Advice Trumps Them All! What is the best sex advice I have received?  As annoying as it is to say, the most useful sex advice I’ve received is to COMMUNICATE!  I don’t know if you agree, but...

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Cheeky Ventures (NSFW)

Us nude on Labadee

Why Did We Create a Sex Blog? Hello, world!  My name is Cheeky (not my real name if you didn't already guess that) and I am a 30 something mother of two that loves sex, wine, steak, my husband and...

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