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Enger Tower Nude #cheekyventures

Nude Enger Tower
Enger Tower Nude!

Enger Towner Nude
Enger Tower Nude

Duluth, MN reminds me of the midwest version of San  Francisco. Just like its California sister, Duluth has amazing beauty and culture.  The lake is expansive and gives the feeling of being in a coastal city.  Seagulls flock, waves crash and friends and lovers alike congregate downtown to take it all in.  We have posted some (and will post more!) pictures from our trip a couple of summers ago of gorgeous waterfalls, lake views and sheer rock faces.  This time, we'd like to show you a different perspective of the city and lake from 531 feet above Lake Superior; Enger Tower.

The tower was built in 1939 out of Blue Stone from the region.  It specifically overlooks Duluth Harbor and St. Louis Bay and is meant as a symbol for the strength and character of the community.  My husband and his friends have climbed those steps many, many times as they were growing up and it was fun to share this with him.

OUR Enger Tower Experience

Naturally, we don't take the same approach to these type of experiences like most people.  The challenge on this day was to remove my dress for our pictures without getting caught!  Granted, hearing people a story or two below us while I'm completely nude is an incredible feeling!  As you guys know, the key is to wear clothing that can be quickly removed AND put back on.

Anyway, as always, all of the uncensored versions of this trip are posted on our Patreon page.  We'd love for you to support us there!  Love you all!

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