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Hotel Sex is the Best Sex – Celebrate Traditions!

Hotel Sex
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Hotel Sex is the Best Sex

What is it about hotel rooms (or balconies) that make for hot sex?  Is it the idea that you are away from home and all the stress that 'home' creates?  Is it the smell?  Is it the novelty of being somewhere new?  I think for Mr. Cheeky and I it is all of those things and more.  This last weekend we rented a room to get away from life for a bit.  We do this about the same time each year to celebrate our #dateaversary.  Yes, that's a thing.

  • Find something to celebrate!  This is the fun part!  Birthdays, anniversaries, the first time you had sex are all reasons to celebrate!  Look for something important to both of you and block off your calendar!
  • Be alone with your partner!.  This doesn't need to be an expensive hotel, but find a way to be alone with each other.
  • Build traditions.  You probably went to a certain restaurant, or had a certain drink.  Recreate that, and talk about the fun you two had.  This pumps the dopamine and will bring you closer together.  Create new traditions and plan to keep celebrating!
Go Do It

The holidays are a great time to celebrate sexy tradition, invent new and exciting traditions and to spend fun, naked time with your partner.  We LOVE guest submissions and stories so please send them to us.  Go follow us on Instagram, Twitter (her) and Twitter (fans).  Oh, and go have sex.  Like, right now.

Adam & Eve 728x90

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