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How Celebrations Can Make Your Sex Life Hot!

celebrations help sex
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Celebrations Improve Relationships

Celebrating something, whether that is an anniversary or something small, is a great way to provide a chance to get much needed time together without the chaos of life.  We have 4 kids (2 each from previous relationships), and making an excuse to celebrate helps us reconnect, while also giving us an excuse to take some fun pictures for you guys.

Find a Reason to Celebrate

I met Mrs. Cheeky about 3 years ago and we started dating about this time of the year.  We got married this past July, but we are suckers for celebrations and Mrs. Cheeky thought it would be fun to rent a hotel room downtown and go to some of the places we went to when we first met.  The evening started with dinner at one of the first restaurants we met.  Later, we met some friends at a gentlemen's club and ended the night with pizza in the room... and expensive mini bar wine!

This gallery shows some shots from our hotel room.  I had to crank the heat up because Mrs. Cheeky is ALWAYS cold!  That is a small price to pay for the privilege of being able to undress, photograph and um... well you know!


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How To Make It Happen
  • Find something to celebrate!  This is the fun part!  Birthdays, anniversaries, the first time you had sex are all reasons to celebrate!  Look for something important to both of you and block off your calendar!
  • Be alone with your partner!.  This doesn't need to be an expensive hotel, but find a way to be alone with each other.
  • Build traditions.  You probably went to a certain restaurant, or had a certain drink.  Recreate that, and talk about the fun you two had.  This pumps the dopamine and will bring you closer together.  Create new traditions and plan to keep celebrating!


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