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5 Easy Ways To Get In the Mood!

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5 Easy Ways To Get In the Mood

Life is busy and sometimes it is difficult to be interested in sex.  We have jobs, kids and responsibilities that often take priority over our personal pleasure.  We complain about being exhausted or we just don't feel like taking the time for sex.

People sometimes ask me what makes me feel sexy.  That's obviously a loaded question, but also one fun to answer!  The obvious things like whether I'm having a good hair day or how my ass looks in my jeans are easy answers.  Each of us has different turn on's, but whatever it is that gets you in the mood, be sure to share with your partner!

Here are 5 easy things to get you started.  Comment below with your favorites!

Ideas On How To Feel Sexy
  • Listen to music - Music always gets me in the mood!  Put on your favorite tune!  R and B, jazz, or even metal.  Find something that relaxes, and then slowly amps up the rhythm.  Trust me.
  • Take a bath - The feeling of hot water instantly relaxes me!  When I'm relaxed, I'm much more open to feeling sexy.
  • Wear something sexy - There is something about the feeling of satin on my skin that gets me going!  For many, just wearing something fun will be arousing.  You can try lingerie, but sometimes it's just a new pair of underwear!
  • Send each other sexy messages - foreplay is HUGE and this should start early in the day!
  • Play With Sex Toys - I can't stress enough how great toys are to spark a libido.  There are no shortages of fun and interesting things to experiment with and there are items for everyone's level!
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