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How to Pick a Halloween Costume

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How to Pick a Halloween Costume

Halloween is mean to be fun whether you are 10 or 110!  This is the time of year where we dress up and pretend we’re someone else.  One of the most difficult decisions is what to actually dress up AS.  This year, Mr. Cheeky and I didn’t have a chance to get do costume shopping, so we dug out the Halloween box and took a look.

Decide on a Style

The first thing I would recommend is figuring out your theme or style.  This could be movie star, scary, sexy, athlete or maybe something popular in pop culture.  Once you figure out the theme, it’s much easier to narrow down the specifics.  For us, we were looking to take a photo shoot, so we wanted something sexy and flirty.

Narrow it Down

Once you have an idea of the style and theme, its time to narrow it down.  For scary costume ideas, we look toward classic horror movies.  Freddy Krueger, Jason, Chucky the doll, etc are at the top of the list.

Athletes and actors are a tough theme because unless you actually LOOK like that person, it’s tough for others to know who you are dressed as.  It’s a fine line between looking like the Incredible Hulk and Shrek!

Popular culture is a great way to get ideas that are relevant and edgy!  Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or the Crain family from Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House are just some of countless ideas.  By the way, Mr. Cheeky and I LOVE the Haunting of Hill House!!

There are no shortages of sexy costumes.  Halloween seems to be an easy excuse for women to let loose.  This year, we narrowed it down to a sexy sailor, sexy hippy and the ever classic school girl outfit!  We have used the sexy sailor outfit on our big ship nude cruise last year and we’ve used another sexy hippy costume for some fun photo shoots last year!

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Pick One!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t REALLY matter what you dress up like as long as you have fun!  This year, at the time of this writing, I’m not sure what I’m dressing as!  Half the fun is trying stuff on with Mr. Cheeky!

So, take a look at our gallery and let us know in the comments what you decided to dress as this year!

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