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Nude Jeep Adventures

One of the best things about having an adventurous wife is her willingness to do and try nearly anything.  Early on when we first started dating, she told me that she will try "anything at least once" 😉  Last year we setup our now infamously deleted Instagram page @cheekyventures.  We wanted to post some fun and interesting pictures so we took a road trip to find some private wood and lake spots.

Our Instagram follower count was about 34 when we took these pictures!  The truth is though, it was never really about collecting mass amounts of followers, although that is super fun and we are extremely grateful for the support.  Adult adventure like this is about growing closer together and finding excitement in the fun and sexy activities we do together.

These pictures are really a dump from my hard drive.  Most of them are not edited and they are very raw and unfiltered.  We hope you like them!

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nude jeep

We hope you enjoy our posts and pictures!  There are many more uncensored pictures on our Patreon page and would absolutely LOVE your support!  We are working hard to create fun and interesting content to help you guys get more from your relationships!  I know that sounds a little fluffy, but it is true.

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