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Nude Biking #cheekyventures!

nude mountain biking

Nude biking is another adult #cheekyventure that we LOVE!  Picture are out in nature with your partner.  The air is warm, the sun is bright and the sky is true blue.  The combination of adrenaline and lust is always fun and being nude outside amplifies the effect!  This day was gorgeous.  Mid 70's (F) and not a cloud in the sky.  Mr. Cheeky has mountain biked for a long time, but for me, the idea of taking a chairlift up a ski hill and biking down was new.  I think I caught on quickly, but biking without bottoms on made me a little nervous...and excited!

The key to a fun and safe adventure is to find an activity that you can do together, a location that is conducive to nude recreation and a partner that is just as into it as you are!  This day all of those items were true.

Whenever we are nude in public, there is always the risk that we might get caught.  This is a huge turnon for us, but on that particular day I was riding my bike nude with Mr. Cheeky filming behind me and sure enough.... we got caught!  These two guys rode up behind us, but it was too late for me to get my shorts on.  Oh well, I hope they weren't offended! The full, uncensored video is on our Patreon page!

What are some outdoor nude adventures you have tried?  Comment below!

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