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Nude Boating

Nude boating is freedom
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Nude boating is a sort of right of passage for fun couples living in the upper midwest United States!  An interesting fact about the "land of 10,000 lakes" is that we really have a little over 11,000 lakes.  Supposedly, there is more shoreline in the state of Minnesota than California and Hawaii combined.  Besides the obvious beauty, another benefit of that is that there are amazing places to go that are completely private.  Nudity often is the nature state to be in.

Naturally, the key is to enjoy yourself without getting caught! Duh.  On this day, there was not a single boat or person in site so we went over to our favorite sand bar, stripped down and had an amazing day.  What is it about these experiences that make them so much fun!?  Naturally, we get to spend time together, leading to intimacy.  The smell of the water and the feeling of the sun on our skin is a natural aphrodisiac.


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