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Nude In Nature #cheekyventures

Nude In Nature

Nude in Nature. Nothing stirs the soul like being nude outdoors.  The feeling of the wind on the skin, the smell of flowers and just the animalistic feeling we get are intoxicating.

Duluth, MN

Most of you know that we're from the great state of Minnesota.  The north shore of Lake Superior is some of our countries' most beautiful areas and we like to take pictures there.  You've seen many of our shoots here and on our Instagram and Patreon pages!  On this particular day, we went to visit the awesome black sand beach in Silver Bay.  This place is gorgeous!

The tough part about taking pictures here is that is always crowded.  We managed to get in front of a bunch of people and quickly made our way to the end of the beach.  I'm certain if people were paying attention, they could see Mrs. Cheeky'  We climbed over this rock to the other side where she could slip completely out of her clothing and were able to shoot most of what you see here.   I hope you like this!

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