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Nude Jersey Shore! #cheekyventures

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Nude Jersey Shore!

Nude Jersey Shore.  Three great words, right?  When Mr. Cheeky and I went on our first date he asked me what places in the world I wanted to visit.  I didn't hesitate with "New Jersey"!  I understand that most people would not put Jersey at the top of their travel plans, but there is just something about that place that intrigues me.  GTL, baby!  That's gym, tan and laundry for the Jersey Shore uninitiated!  I hope this helps get your summer heating up!

My Favorites!

Atlantic City is what many think of when they think about the Jersey Shore.  AC is a super cool beach town with an incredible boardwalk, wide beaches and amazing people watching!

I think Cape May at the southern tip is the most underrated stretch of the Jersey Shore!  There are so many fun shops, great beaches and interesting people that it ranks high on my list!

Wildwood, New Jersey has a crazy long stretch of boardwalk that sort of reminds me of a carnival/fair.  We had the BEST pizza at Sam's Pizza on the boardwalk.  Highly recommended!


A trip to the coast wouldn't be complete without some nudity, right?  Here are a few from the trip.  Check out these ALL UNCENSORED on our Patreon page!

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