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Nude Date Night In

Hey, sorry it's been a while since we posted.  There's been alot going on in our lives and maybe in a future post I'll talk about that more.  When life gets busy and stressful, it's really important to reconnect with your partner.  Your relationship is critical to overall happiness and its important to invest in it.  The best part is that it doesn't require expensive dinners on the town or jet setting to Paris for the weekend.

Dates On a Budget

Dave Ramsey is known for his no nonsense financial advice to help couples get on track for their financial future.  We know a few of our friends that have gone through his course and it has helped them.   He has an excellent article on inexpensive date night ideas that you should check out! We absolutely are not getting any compensation for mentioning fact, I think our blog may not be the type of content supported so we'll see how long this link stays up!

Our Favorites

There are too many to list here, but I'd like to mention a few of our favorites.  Naturally, if you follow us, you know that we try to incorporate sexual adventure in much of what we do!  Maybe this gives us a fun list of future shoots!

  • Hiking/Biking/Outdoor Adventures - We love to be outside and in nature!  The smell of fresh air, the beauty of the scenery and generally being away from other people is a great thrill and an excellent opportunity to try nudism/naturism with your partner!  Here's a peak into our nude biking adventure!
  • Cook a Meal Together - This is an obvious cost savings, but the added sexiness of feeding each other, eating OFF each other adds a whole different element you can't do at your local Applebees!
  • Play board games - Dave says that the loser should do the dishes.  We are more about how the loser removes an article of clothing. Whatever your taste is, enjoy it!
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