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Nude Pontoon #CheekyVentures

nude pontoon
Adam & Eve 728x90
Nude Pontoon

Man, last Wednesday was GORGEOUS in central Minnesota.  We can have some amazing summer days, and this was one of them.  We decided to take work hooky and get on the water.  Cooler in tow, snacks ready and we were off.  There is a fun sandbar on this lake that makes for a great anchor spot to spend the afternoon.

Clothing Optional

I LOVE pontoons.  Like, I really do!  There's something about cruising around a floating living room!  To make things more fun and interesting, we like to take these cruises without clothing.  The lake is huge so we rarely run into people, but the energy and excitement of maybe seeing people is a big turn on for us.

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Adam & Eve 728x90

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