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Nude Resorts Around the World. Our Instagram Followers Tell All!

Nude Resorts Around The World
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Global Community of Nude Resorts Around The World

We are just an average couple with an ABOVE average sex life.  Last summer we created the Instagram page @cheekyventures as a fun activity for us to share some of our naked adventures.  We love to visit nudist resorts and other clothing optional travel destinations and we thought it would be fun to share our adventures!  We honestly never imagined that people would really care and follow us!  Our biggest surprise has been the friends we have made all over the world!

The age range of our followers is generally from 18-55 primarily from the US, India, Turkey, Italy and Brazil.  Our biggest surprise is how many people from Turkey follow us!  Who knew?

Nude Adventures Across The World

Our friends and followers are truly an amazing group of fun people.  We thought it would be fun to ask our global community followers for their recommendations about nudist resorts and clothing optional travel destinations.  The response was overwhelming!  We learned about many places that we want to visit some day.  Many of those places we had never heard of before!

United States

We had several recommendations of people local to the United States.  There were some places we have been to such as Caliente and Cypress Cove  in Florida.   California had a good amount of suggestions such as Olive Dell Ranch and Glen EdenDapperdudeOC swears by Olive Dell Ranch is in southern California and offers many amenities, but we especially like how they promote women's comfort.  Guys, if you want your wife or girlfriend to agree to go nudist resorts, she needs to feed comfortable!

Glen Eden is also located in southern California and _elle_and_L says they have several fun activities like theme nights during the weekends, live music and athletic options like tennis and water volleyball.

Not to be outdone, the east coast has many good options in states not spelled "F.L.O.R.I.D.A".  Wolfnj says that a can't miss spot is Rock Lodge Club in New Jersey.  Mrs. Cheeky has ALWAYS wanted to visit New Jersey and now she has another thing to include on her list!  You'll need to ask her what her obsession is about New Jersey outside of Jersey Shore reruns!

brian3_3 also says that Gunnison Beach is worth a look.  Technically not a nudist resort, but any clothing optional places are worth supporting!  rgpilot1 says that we shouldn't forget about Emerald Lake in Houston, TX!


We have not had the pleasure of visiting Brazil yet, but believe us, we will be going there very soon to check out Colina Do Sol vgf, I guess we'll need to start learning Portuguese, right?  This place has a very rustic feel/vibe and will be a nice change of pace.

In 2016, we missed a great chance to visit Rio during the summer Olympics.  I hope we can visit Brazil very soon!



Italy and Spain

Is it true that Italy doesn't have any nudist resorts?!   Can this be true?  A quick search says that is not true! My friend bonassino says that he plans to visit Spain and go to Catalonia!

ultraawolf tells us to be sure to check out Vera Playa!


The Aussies know how to be nude and that is especially true at Blue Bay Beach in Mandurah in Western Australia.  Thank you, the_weapon93 for that great suggestion!


There are great places like the Temptations resorts and Hidden Beach, but I was surprised by mike_cortesh's recommendation of Zipolite Nude Hotel.  This place looks like a ton of fun!


This very informal polling list would not be complete if I did include Hedonism II in Jamaica or

What did I miss?  If you have been to any of these places, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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