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Public Nudity in the Park

nude park
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Public Nudity

Public nudity is amazing!  We love the thrill of being nude in public places.  It jump starts our intimate time and it gives me a huge thrill to show off Mrs Cheeky!  This was a late summer photo shoot we did at a local park.

This park is beautiful!  There is a winding path through an apple orchard.  The city installed a kayak launch to make it easy to get access to the river.  However, THIS day was about getting Mrs. Cheeky nude and in the sun.  I think we accomplished that!

Many people ask about how we get away taking very public nude pictures.  I guess the best advice I can give you is to wear easy to remove (and put back on!) clothing, find locations that you can easily see if someone is coming from a long distance away, and be prepared to cover up quickly if someone approaches!

Life and relationships are meant to be fun!  Enjoy your time, take risks and message us with your ideas!  We'd love to share your #cheekyventure!


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