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How to Take a Nude Shower With Your Significant Other!

Aren't all showers done in the nude?  I guess most.  Anyway, I think my wife is super hot.  It's super sexy when she takes a shower.  It's that voyeuristic thought about watching someone do something very personal.  I imagine her lathering up and robbing herself all over and I wonder if she gets turned and what she's thinking about.

How many of you guys take showers with your significant others?  The weird truth for me is that the idea of showering together is more of a turnon to me than actually doing it.  I think for this to be fun and an amazing experience, everyone should consider some simple recommendations.

  1. Make sure the shower is big enough!  Even though this is considered foreplay, having enough space is still important.  A good place to start is at a hotel when you're on a trip.  Hotel sex is the best too, right?
  2. Keep the water HOT!  If you are a gentlemen, you'll let your wife or girlfriend (or boyfriend!) get to be under the water.  By turning up the heat, so to speak, you can warm the entire room/shower so you're both comfortable!
  3. Lather up!  Get the body wash and shampoo flowing!  The feeling of slippery skin on skin is the best and one of the best reasons to shower together!  Don't skimp!
  4. Use this as foreplay?   The problem with lots of water is that it will wash aware her natural lubricant, making sex difficult and possibly painful!  Save sex for after you've dried off!
  5. Kiss her!  Wet lip on lip is an amazing feeling!  Try it!
A Visual To Get You Going!

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