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Sin City Exposed #CheekyVentures!

Sin City Naked
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Sin City Exposed

Mrs. Cheeky and I were fortunate to get an opportunity to visit Las Vegas last week.  It was a combined business and pleasure trip and we wanted to try to meet some

Naked Las Vegas
Sin City Exposed

local people that share our attitudes toward sex and nudity.  If you follow our Instagram accounts, you may have saw our story posts looking for a cool woman to shoot some fun content with Mrs. Cheeky.  The response was good and we ended up meeting this super cool couple.

If U Seek Amy (F...U... C... K me)

Las Vegas is an amazing adult playground where you can find pretty much every sort of kink you can imagine.  This opportunity also brings along the fun and interesting people looking for it.  We were very lucky to have met one of those adventurous and super fun couples!

Las Vegas Planet 13

Vegas420grl, otherwise known as Amy and otherwise known as Vegas_grl_ on Instagram and her husband Will have been living in Vegas for the last 10 years or so after meeting in school.  "We love it here!  There is always something to do.", Will tells me when I asked about life in Las Vegas.

"I can't imagine living anywhere else".

There is no short supply of concerts, shows and sex!  Don't forget that recreational cannabis is completely legal in Nevada and this has become a booming business.  We checked out Planet 13, which according to our Minnesota born "bud-tender", is started by some Minnesotans... hey 'der you betcha'!


Amy started her Pornhub profile about 6 months ago with the purpose of keeping the sexual spark lit and maybe making some money too.  She shoots most of her videos with her husband and edits them all herself!  "I wanted to try something fun and exciting and this works for us", she tells me with a huge smile on her face.

They have other friends in Vegas that are doing similar things on Pornhub and they have all found it to be a fun thing to do together as couples.  Although, Amy is quick to mention that men are their largest viewer demographic and as awesome as husbands and boyfriends are, people really just want to see the women.  I couldn't agree more!

Fun and Adventure

No trip to Vegas is complete without a little drama and fear!  Well, it seems that is true for Mrs. Cheeky!  😉  Amy and Mrs. Cheeky went to the bathroom while

naked Aria
Naked Hotel Runs Are The Best

her husband and I discussed the important topics of our time.  She came back, but Mrs. Cheeky was no where to be found!  To make a long story short, we spent the next 45 minutes or so trying to find her in the very large Aria casino.  Thankfully, we DID find her.  I guess intoxication impairs direction, right?

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