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Summer Vibes #cheekyventures!

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Summer Vibes

nude boating is freedom
Nude boating in Minnesota

Summer Vibes means time spent outside, on the water and in your birthday suit!  Well, at least that's what Mr. Cheeky and I believe!  Right now in Minnesota, it's still cold and we have snow on the ground.  To help us get by, it's fun to look back at last summer's adventures.  I enjoy paddleboarding and riding on jet skis and it is much more fun and exciting to do it nude!  I hope you agree!

Our Spot

We have a small place on a Minnesota lake that is usually quiet and peaceful.  This allows us to have nude adventures like naked rope swinging, jet skiing and boating with less risk of getting caught!  We're both REALLY looking forward to this summer to have more sexy adventures!

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