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Topless In New York City!

Topless In New York!

I'm a little surprised how few people know that it is completely legal for a woman to be topless in New York anywhere a man can.  According to NPR, the story goes like this.  In 1986 a group of women protested a law that made female topless exposure illegal.  They were arrested, but the convictions were overturned based on the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment that made it unconstitutional for lawmakers to ban women, but not men from going topless.

The court pointed to a 1973 decision that said section 241.01 of the penal code should not be applied to "the noncommercial, perhaps accidental, and certainly not lewd exposure".  Obviously, the definition of "lewd" or even "accidental" is up for debate, but the point is that women in the state of New York do have some rights when it comes to being top free in public.

Celebrities have even chimed in to the #freethenipple movement including Moira Johnston, and Scout Willis!

Too Scared


Even with all this attention and legality, I was surprised to not see a single woman bare her breasts during the week we were there!  Granted, it still goes on, documented on fun Instagram pages like Topless Pulp and others.  Still, we didn't see ONE!  Even during our extremely drunken and brief photo shoot outside of our AirBNB apartment, I was nervous!

I guess this still shows how far we have to go.

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