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Nude in Toronto
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Toronto Nude In February!

Toronto Nude Light Fest
Toronto Light Fest

Toronto nude in February can be a cold, but exciting experience.  Fortunately, this time it was all indoors!  We were there for about a week for a work trip, but we always try to get some fun and play in and of course some nude pictures and videos.  This time we only got about a day or so to play, and we took advantage of that by visiting the beautiful Distillery District and wandered around the Toronto Light Fest.  We had high hopes for this, but the wind was so brisk and the temps so low that we ended up taking some pictures and then heading indoors to eat!

During the day we had to get a picture of one of the most photographed places in all of Tortonto; the Gooderham Building.  This unique architectural marvel was build for under $20k and completed in 1892 and is recognized with the narrow front end and amazing 3D mural on the back.

The St Lawrence Market is walking distance from the Gooderham building and gave us a brief reprieve from the cold.  Just enough time to get some souvenirs for the

Nude Toronto
Toronto Gooderham Building

kiddos! If we lived in Toronto, this place would definitely be a place we'd go every week!


A bucket list of mine was to see the view from the top of the CN Tower downtown.  It did not disappoint.... except for the cost of lunch!  OUCH!

What You're Probably Here For

I'm guessing that you guys probably don't care about any of that stuff and are thinking "just get me to the naked stuff!".

Nude Toronto
CN Tower Toronto

So, normally when I take pictures of Mrs. Cheeky in hotels I like the bed to be perfectly made, the lights perfect, etc.  But, this time we wanted the shoot to reflect how we were feeling by the end of the week.  We enjoyed our time, but were ready to get home.  The bed was unmade.  We had stuff scattered throughout the room.  This is how we actually live and actually are when we travel and I thought it would be fun to let you all see that.  I hope you enjoy our Toronto Nude experience!

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