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We Tried The Adrien Lastic Double Ring Purple Vibrating Tongue and This Is What Happened!

vibrator that looks like a tongue
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Adrien Lastic Double Ring Purple Vibrating Tongue Review

vibrator that looks like a tongue
Adrien Lastic Double Ring Purple Vibrating Tongue

We love sex toys!  That sentence is honestly an understatement.  Sexual aids like vibrators, plugs, and ample amounts of lube can greatly enhance pleasure.  We will review products at least monthly and tell you guys what we like and honestly don't like.  The difference with our reviews verses others is we will give you perspective from both of us.  My perspective as a woman and Mr. Cheeky's as a man!  This will be fun! 😉


Full Disclaimer:  Every product we write about is something we bought with our own money and used!  With that said, if you click on a link and buy something, we do get a small commission.  

This month, we tried the Adrien Lastic Double Ring Purple Vibrating Tongue.  This is a vibrating cock ring that is shaped like a tongue to, um, you guessed it, mimic oral sex.

For those of you that don't know, cock rings are devices that men put around their penis, testicles or both that somewhat restrict blood flow.

This allows for harder and longer lasting erections.  I get turned on just typing that sentence!  Focus, Mrs. Cheeky!

First Impressions

Mrs. Cheeky - My first impression was curiosity!  I have never seen a vibrator attempt to be 'human' like in design.  The material was soft and

soft tongue
Adrien Lastic Double Ring Purple Vibrating Tongue

pliable which is great.  Many toys have rigid plastic that isn't comfortable touching my sensitive parts!  It comes with a battery, but the tag curiously said to NOT remove the paper that prevents the battery from making contact.  Ignoring this wrong advice, we pushed the button!  Three glorious pleasure inducing speeds, each one more intense.  The tongue piece vibrates like a hummingbird's wings!

cock ring with vibrating tongue
We broke our cock ring!

Mr. Cheeky - Well, I had a pretty poor first impression of this cock ring.  I took it out of the box and I thought the color and texture were interesting.  The little bumps under the 'tongue' were very soft, but I was surprised at the size of the ring.  I'm sure all you guys would would be thinking the same thing:

"There's NO WAY that thing will fit my enormous penis!".

I'm obviously being sarcastic, but to prove my point I used my fingers to stretch out the ring part to see how large it would go... and then one ring broke!  Thankfully there are two, but we literally had this out of the box 5 minutes and I already broke it!  I wasn't super impressed with the quality.

In Action

Mrs. Cheeky - So to be completely transparent, we had gone out on a date night, had a bunch of wine and I had already sort of passed out for the night in our bed.  Mr. Cheeky had other plans!  I woke up to his fingers playing with my vagina and clitoris, which is always a pleasant surprise after falling asleep to Investigative Discovery shows!

We engaged in a few minutes of foreplay then Mr. Cheeky grabbed some lube (Seriously, use it!) and the double cock ring vibrator.  The next several minutes were pretty gosh darn fun!  He entered me from the back in our favorite spoon position, so it took a little planning to figure out which side of his cock the vibrating tongue should go.  I told you, were drunk, right?

Mr. Cheeky - Yeah, so Mrs. Cheeky was already sleeping when I came to bed.  There's nothing sexier than a gorgeous woman nude in your bed.  The view of her naked body was too much and my penis started the launch sequence!  I was worried I was going to break the other part of the ring so in my drunken state I had to find our lube and apply generously to my cock to stretch and slip it on.  To my surprise, it fit comfortably around the base of my shaft.   I played with Mrs. Cheeky's asshole and vagina and turned on the vibrator.... and didn't feel much at all!

Naturally, I was hoping the vibrations would reach my skin, but that's not really what this toy is designed for.  It's designed to give your woman pleasure directly or indirectly with the extended vibrating tongue.  We had a great time, I finished and fell asleep.


The bottom line is that this toy is meant to give pleasure to women.  I absolutely loved it as it hit all my right spots, but Mr. Cheeky could honestly take it or leave it as it didn't do much for him.  We will use this toy again....unless Mr. Cheeky breaks the other ring!


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